6 Advantages of Investing in Gold Melting Machines

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Melting of gold has a long history, from hot propane stoves to innovative and automatic melting machines. These melting machines have covered all the flaws and shortcomings of traditional melting methods. Based on the countless benefits of these machines, today, it has become essential to purchase one for your business. However, buying the most reliable machine can be intimidating as the market has a never-ending collection of these machines. But before you get stuck in this debate about which machine is best, let’s discuss why you should invest in a gold melting machine.

#1 Melting Machines Minimize Melting Side Effects

Burning of metals comes with a lot of risks and side effects, and when it is about an expensive and precious metal like gold l, everyone wants to avoid the risks. The two major concerns about traditional gold melting are the environmental and gold damage. Let’s have a look at both;

  • In the traditional gold melting process, coal and wood are usually used as fuel. The burning of these substances produces carbon dioxide that releases into the environment. The excessive production of CO2 damage the environment. However, almost all gold melting machines eliminate the combustion process, which is an Eco-friendly approach.
  • The traditional gold melting methods do not provide controlled conditions that increase the risk of gold burning. If the gold is burned or melted at high temperature than needed, it can cause brittleness of gold.

#2 Gold Melting Machines Are Safer

For years, metal melting has been a hazardous process. The thousands of degrees of temperature used in this process can lead to life-threatening conditions as it’s hard to control them manually. However, by purchasing melting machines, you can avoid all the dangers with high-efficiency gold production.

#3 Melting Machines Are Time-Saving

In today’s life, where time is most important, you cannot spend half of your working life in gold melting. As gold melting is the first process of gold processing, it is the basis of every gold-related business. So, the melting machines are designed to minimize the time consumption as much as possible. The melting usually takes 1 to 5 minutes to run one gold batch.

#4 Melting Machines Are Energy-Efficient

Melting machines do not only use safe energy than traditional methods, but the most powerful machine is designed to save up to 50% more energy than previous models. The IGBT induction technology is used in the electric melting machines to minimize your fuel bills to half. The CDOCAST gold melting machines consist of this technology; you can visit cdocast’s page┬áto get more information.

#5 Melting Machines Are Portable

The gold melting machines use different fuels like natural gas, electricity, and propane. The gas and propane machines are pretty easy to carry around and use when needed.

#6 Melting Machines Minimize Gold Loss

The loss of gold is expected in the melting process while removing the slag. Slag is produced on liquid metals while melting and needs to be removed. However, gold loss is common when removing the slag. The melting machines are designed to automatically separate the slag from molten gold without losing a minute amount of gold.


Using the melting machines, you can rest assured by pressing a single button and getting your molten gold within a few minutes. Besides the benefits enlisted, these machines are easy to maintain and deal with. So, no more wait; go and order a machine now!




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