Areas Where CNC Turned Parts Come In Handy

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The word CNC milling has been thrown about in the recent past that people think it is a new industry. The truth is, CNC milling has been in operation for a very long time. It has been in use from time immemorial when Egyptians would use it to produce material and parts for their construction process.

While in the past, creating these parts was done by hand, it is now done by computers hence the name computer numerical control (CNC). Many people have never heard of the name and therefore do not know which role it plays in their daily lives. There are so many important areas where CNC turned parts are used. This article will look at what CNC turning is and what areas the turned parts are used:

What is CNC Turning?

CNC turning or computer numeral control is a process of manufacturing where materials are held and rotated around in a chuck while a tool removes some of the pieces of material to create the desired shape. Since the whole process is done by machine, one can expect it to be precise and every piece to come out uniform. There are so many areas where these turned parts come into use:

Areas where CNC turned parts are used

There are so many areas where the CNC turned parts can be used. Here are some of them:

1. Aerospace

Spacecraft manufacturing requires that every component is made in the exact measurements as the plan. Not following these measurements can have dire consequences on the craft and the people aboard it. It is for this reason that CNC milling comes in handy in the industry. Most of the spacecraft components are made using CNC milling to ensure that they are the exact weight and dimensions the engineers need them in.

2. Automobile

Whether you are driving a civilian or military car, they will all need moving parts like sensor hosing, engine parts/blocks, sensor metal shells, and hydraulic valves. If these parts are faulty, then the cars might cause serious accidents on the road. For this reason, getting car parts that actually work will ensure that all the cars on the road are safe for use.

3. Electronics

Over the years, electronics have taken over so many areas in our daily lives. Every home has an electronic and so do workspaces. With all these electronics being manufactured, making the parts by hand would take a long time. CNC mills come in handy, and mass produces all the parts required for the electronics, saving time and money.

4. Medical

The medical industry needs their equipment made in sterile conditions/precise measurements, and this cannot be possible if they are made by hand. CNC turning ensures that everything is made sterile. The mills also ensure that the parts made can be used in sensitive operations that require precision tools.


CNC turned parts play an important part in so many production industries. If you are in the manufacturing industry and realize that you might need many similar parts for your products, getting a contract with a CNC milling company is best.




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