Buy RS Gold: Buying Guide & Safety Tips

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Pushing your online gaming lifestyle to a higher level is an achievement that requires some deliberate actions. The first step to such actions, for most online games, would be to purchase a virtual currency. Runescape gold, also known as rs gold, is a popular type for playing virtual games. When players buy rs gold, it shows how keen they are to boost their game careers.

However, if care is not taken, gamers can fall prey to scammers lurking around disguising as legit sellers. As a virtual currency, rs gold is bought online from retail websites that sell them at fair rates. While legal and licensed websites are in operation for the sale of RuneScape, some are not so trustworthy.

Many of them could be scam platforms taking advantage of the ignorance of newbies and unsuspecting buyers to rip them off their money. Therefore, finding the right place to buy can be arduous for most interested persons in the market, making them get discouraged.

Asides from avoiding scam sites, there are other factors to avoid when purchasing the currency. These factors can create complications if not solved, so it’s best to seek solutions before attempting a transaction.

This article will provide a quick guide on how to buy rs gold safely online to boost in-game features without the fear of ban threats or scam sites.

Three (3) steps to take when buying rs gold safely online

If you have concerns about buying your rs gold currency online due to the possibility of being flagged or banned as a first-timer, here are three methods you can consider:

Trade With Someone You Know (Peer to Peer)

A transaction between you and someone within your online circle would be the best-recommended option for trading rs gold. Existing personal relationships must have already built the trust required for the trade to proceed. So, it’s easier to feel safe and entrust your money to such persons. In case of a foul play or unremitted rs gold after making payment, tracing the contact won’t be difficult; unlike a deal involving a stranger.

There is no means to verify the reputation of the seller, and the whole deal could be a one-off transaction — which is even much riskier.

Find a way to secure your currency

This step is necessary to take to avoid bans on your Runescape accounts. When you purchase gold from an online vendor, it is important to carry out security measures to protect your gold.

For a start, ensure to always transact using an airtight payment method. Your recovery seed phrases, OTPs, and passwords should be kept private with a backup link to your drive. After successful purchase, close or delete all chat history with the retailer to clean up online traces.

Look out for licensed websites

One thing to look out for when considering a website for the rs gold trade is their certification. It should come from a higher authority in charge and be displayed on their platform.

Check out their payment options, do not share your account passwords, and always follow your instincts.


The right way to safely buy rs gold online is to play smart with your identity and the information you share. Since there is no assurance of refund when trading with third-party sources, it’s advisable to tread cautiously with these recommended steps. In the end, all you may be left with is your instinct; you’ve got to always trust it. Good luck!




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