Compatibility of USB Car Chargers with Devices

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USB chargers not only work for mobile phones. But you can charge anything as long as it has the same charging port as the charger. Still, there is vagueness about the idea. What outputs values does a car USB charger provide? Can it burn your device? And other similar questions.

Therefore, it is important to get into the facts of why car USB chargers are safe for all devices. A USB car charger functions above mere a car cell phone charger. Below is an insight into the various devices you can charge using a UGREEN USB car charger.

Power Output of USB Car Chargers

With the advancement happening every day, car chargers are becoming more and more powerful. Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the latest devices are becoming energy efficient. This progression allows you to use USB car chargers other than merely charging cell phones.

USB 3.1 delivers a maximum power of 4.5W while USB BC 1.2 offers a power output of 7.5 W. Moreover, another version of Power Delivery called the USB Type-C 1.2 outputs a power figure of 15 W. Lastly. The USB PD delivers a power of 100 W.

Keep these values in mind, and you’ll understand why the below-listed devices charge seamlessly with UGREEN USB car chargers.

Devices Compatible with USB Car Chargers


Headsets usually require a power of 5 V. A charger with output values between 5 to 10 V is sufficient to charge your headphones. Mostly, headsets feature a Micro USB port. You can plug the Type-A head of the cable into the charger, and the headsets get charged in no time.

UGREEN manufactures USB car chargers with versatile ranges. Read the product’s specifications and then decide on the purchase.

Mobile Phones

Next comes the mobile phones; though, primarily, USB car chargers have a reputation for charging phones. But which phones? Of course, with their tremendous power outputs, UGREEN USB car chargers can charge both iPhones and Androids.

For Androids

You can directly use a Type-C charging cable for charging an Android. Or a Type A-to-Micro charging cable works well, depending upon your device’s requirements.

iOS Devices

Apple products have a specific charging port called the Lightning port. You can use a charging cable with a Type-A head on one side and a Lightening head on the other to charge Apple devices. This goes for charging Air Pods as well.

Bluetooth Speakers

UGREEN USB car chargers are powerful enough to charge Bluetooth speakers as well. You need a Type A cable with a Micro USB head on one end. And you are all good to go. Or, you can also use the company-provided charging cable to charge the set.


USB car chargers can also work for charging laptops. However, they can’t charge traditional laptops that need bulk charging. USB car chargers are only fit for charging the latest laptops featuring the Type-C charging ports. Charging an old, energy-devouring laptop will damage the device and the charger.

Note: Some latest models also don’t support USB charging. It is due to the device’s custom power requirements.


Briefly, as life progresses, everything is becoming efficient. Be it a smartphone or a USB car charger. Many users face confusion about what device they can charge on their USB car chargers. Therefore, it was important to shine some light on the matter. Although it is not an ideal practice. But, in desperate times, it is a good substitute for regular charging.

UGREEN makes powerful and reliable USB car chargers that efficiently charge several devices. You won’t regret buying from them.




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