Different Types of Shrink Wrap and Their Advantages

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The kind of material you want to use when purchasing shrink wrap is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. There are numerous types of clear heat shrink wrap, each with specific advantages and disadvantages.

The most common shrink wraps include:

Polyolefin Shrink Wrap

This is the most common type of wrap used by most companied today. The polyolefin shrink wrap is made by laminating several polyolefin films together to form a single, stretch- and shrink-resistant material. This kind of shrink wrap is excellent for use on objects like light bulbs or CDs since it has a fair bit of elasticity. The elasticity of your goods makes it easy to modify its size so that it fits perfectly inside the box or container. It also helps when removing items from their packaging because they are easy to remove with little effort once they have been heated up in an oven or heat chamber.


  • High Strength: This film is perfect for use in heavy-duty packaging applications because of its high strength to weight ratio.
  • Resistance to Tear: Because of its superior tear resistance, polyolefin shrink wrap is a great option for packaging delicate items.
  • Low Price: Polyolefin shrink wrap is a great option for companies on a budget because it is less expensive than many other kinds of shrink wrap films.

Polyethylene Shrink Wrap

Polyethylene is a strong and very durable plastic material. Due to its low cost and simplicity of application, it is also widely used. Polyethylene easily contracts and is frequently used as a single layer of product protection. To offer even more protection, it can also be double-wrapped with a second layer of polyethylene film.


  • It is flexible, so it can be wrapped around objects easily.
  • It can be used for wrapping almost anything, including irregularly shaped items like pipes or wooden pallets.
  • It is available in different thicknesses and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs

PVC Shrink Wrap

This type is a plastic material generally meant for temporary use. It is typically employed for storing and packaging goods like books, CDs, and DVDs. The PVC shrink wrap also has the ability to be stretched over an object and then shrunk to create a tight seal around the product.


  • Excellent Packaging Material – PVC shrink wrap is a good packaging material for different reasons. First, it is durable and strong. Second, it does not tear easily, even when subjected to sharp objects like knives or scissors.
  • Non-Toxic – PVC is also non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets. So, it has no effect on the environment either, so there are no concerns about harming plants or animals if they come into contact with your product’s packaging.


Since shrink wraps shield products from any unintended damage while transportation, it is frequently the preferred choice for many businesses.  So, it is not surprising that many CRT manufacturers employ this product when fulfilling orders, because of its strength and excellent level of protection

The kind of plastic wrap used ultimately relies on the intended usage. The plastic wrap that is used to package or seal food in plastic containers is one thing. However, as they are made differently and are better suited for particular uses, if you plan to use it for cosmetics or DVDs, you’ll need get a completely different type of plastic wrap.




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