Everything You Need to Know About Solar Racking

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The amount of solar racking manufacturers across the globe is a clear indication of the popularity of the innovation. Solar systems are now popular on all the continents of the world. It is an effective way to generate energy from the sun without necessarily doing anything. All you need to do, in most cases, is to call the right expert to help you with the installation, and then, you can sit back and enjoy your uninterrupted power supply.

In underdeveloped countries where power supply is a challenge, the solar system gets a good amount of power supply. In developed countries with a constant power supply, solar panels are important to help reduce energy costs. Either way, the importance of solar panels is crucial to both nations.

Installing a solar panel, many times than not requires an expert with knowledge and experience. Thousands of components make up the solar system, both small and big, and a lot of research has to be done before finding these components. After seeing these components, the installation procedure can continue carefully. One of the critical procedures during solar installation is solar racking. The solar racks, also known as solar mounts, are the components of the system that attach your solar panels to any surface. If you don’t get the solar racking system right, then there is no way your solar system will work optimally. On the off chance that it works optimally, there’s no way it can last. Some of the components of your solar racking system include;


If you use solar panels in your home, there are high chances that it is connected to your roofs. Depending on the vocabulary of the expert you contacted, they may call mounts feet. It acts as the support for the solar system. Usually, amount stays on your roof through bolts and nuts, but this time, the bolt will get fastened into a rafter of your roofing system. That means the rafter of your home must be stable and robust enough. That’s why a good solar panel installation expert should examine the roof before starting work.


Once the racking is completed, the solar panel sits on the rack. To ensure that the solar panel system seats firmly on the racking, a clamp is used. Clamps are the link between the solar panel and the racking itself. There are two types of clamps commonly used, the mid-clamps, which stay in the middle of two panels, and the end clamps.


To install the solar racking, the expert will need to break some parts of your roof to create space for nuts and bolts. This drilling can cause some damage and, in turn, leaks. To ensure that installing a solar panel solution doesn’t cause a leaking problem, the experts use flashing to block these holes. Flashing is a rectangular-shaped material that is water-resistant, preventing all forms of water leaks from the roof.


The most important of the racking is the rails themselves where the solar panel will directly sit on. This component is usually made of aluminum and can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on the expert’s discretion.


Everything you need to know about solar racking is in its components, as discussed in this article. Remember to call on an expert to install your solar system, as always.




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