Factors That Affect the Cost of the Android TV Box

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The Android TV box is a must-have in most TV-owning homes. It ensures you can maximize your entertainment by converting your TV into a digital device. You will have a chance to watch anything that you ever wanted, including on some of the best and most famous platforms online. Ready to buy an Android TV box customized to meet your needs? Go to website like Geniatech, and you will love it. Here, you will see some of the latest Android TV box inventions. However, while on your Android TV box purchase journey, you will realize the cost of the Android TV box varies.

What impacts the cost of the Android TV box?

The Android TV box is available at a wide range of prices in the market. Stores like Geniatech offers amazing price while guaranteeing quality. You can even spend way below your budget if you get offers and discounts. That said, several factors contribute to the different pricing. Here is a list of the factors that influence how much you will pay to own one or several Android TV boxes.

The Android TV box processor

The Android TV box processor includes its CPU and GPU. There is a high likelihood that outdated Android TV box processors are cheaper than the latest versions. However, buying a TV box with an outdated processor may cost you in the end, as it may experience lags. Thus, consider buying one with the latest processor, and you will be happy to see value in the TV box you buy.


An android TV box’s RAM may range from 2GB to above. RAM refers to the random access memory. Android TV boxes with a higher memory might cost more. At the same time, those with less RAM are somehow cheaper. The type you select for your entertainment should depend on your needs.


Quantity matters significantly in the cost of an Android TV box. If you are buying wholesale, it may be cheaper than buying in retail. However, that applies when there is a discount on bulk purchases. Note that buying one or two boxes will make more sense if you want to buy the box for your home use and not for resale.

Internal storage

Different Android TV boxes available in the market have varying internal storage. Most suppliers offer you the chance to pick a TV box with the amount of space that you deem more appropriate. The internal storage can range from a space of 8GB to higher. If you want a TV box with higher storage space, you might pay more for it.

Technology used

Technology is always in a constant state of advancement. For instance, the latest operation in an Android TV box is its voice-operated Bluetooth remote control. The latest technologies in a TV box have seen some cost more than the older versions.


Understanding the factors that impact the cost of an Android TV box is crucial. It will give you an insight into why different Android TV boxes are available at varying costs. It will also help you make an excellent buying decision.




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