How to Make Money Selling Recycled Wood Pallet

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Everyone wants more money, and there are several ways of making extra income. But the question is, do you have the correct information? If you have the right information, do you have what it takes to do the business? One of the ways of making money is by selling recycled wood pallets, but you’ll need capital to buy equipment like wood pallet crushers and other machines.

Many organizations utilize wood pallets as a means of transport to move their goods to their respective destinations, as the case may be. In some cases, the organizations leave these wood pallets carelessly, at the mercy of life. Mostly, they leave these wood pallets lying helplessly around their business locations. While others may pass through without noticing these pallets, some people are wise enough to make money from these pallets. It may take a stressful routine, but you’re making money without doing anything.

Some companies are willing to pay a good amount of money for these pallets if you’re ready to put in the work to get the pallets to the businesses. It may be rough and tough to transport this business, especially if you don’t have the prior knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, the money you may make through it is worthwhile.

Of course, general factors affect the prices of wood pallets, as with any other business. Some of these factors may include location, condition, how many recycling personnel are in an area, the amount recycling would pay.

Pallets that are in good condition are more likely to command reasonable prices and at the same time attract good clients willing to pay a fair amount for it. When you can secure a few clients who want to buy these pallets, you rest assured that you can earn a reasonable amount of money for yourself. Now, the question on your mind should be who are those willing to pay a fortune for wood pallets. 

Who are those willing to buy recycled wood pallets

Before you start a business of buying and selling, a general rule of thumb is to identify your target market – even before you make a product. In the case of recycled wood pallets, you already have the products; all you need is the target. You may be lucky enough to find a target market that will cater to all logistics. Some of the potential preys are; 

  • Craigslist: There are people on Craigslist around your locality.  who are always willing to buy recycled wood pallets and resale or sometimes use them for some art work depending on their particular need, as the case may be. Sometimes the prices of these pallets range from 50 cents to 100 cents, and remember, these are pallets that were picked up for nothing.


  • Local manufacturers:  some manufacturing companies are generally searching for recycled wood pallets. This is usually an ample opportunity for those companies to buy at a cheaper rate from those who want to sell their recycled wood pallet. When both parties negotiate at a reasonable price, it will save the companies a lot of money, and the seller will also make his profit. 


  • National Wooden Pallet Container and Association: This company has a compiled list of companies that recycled wood pallets. 


  • Pallet Brokers: These companies ensure that wood pallets are never wasted. They usually repair and reuse the pallets. Sometimes, if you have an excellent pallet deal, a good broker will trade with you.


Starting a recycled wood pallet business may cost you nothing apart from logistics and finding the right market. These costs are minimal compared to the gain you expect from a wood pallet business. 




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