Recognition of the Youku Series “I Feel You Linger in the Air”

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Viewers on Youku and different online structures have normal colorful corporations to speak about the collection, dissect its plot twists, and share their emotional reactions. This sense of the community affords the general enchantment of the drama. This series has garnered attention not only in China but also internationally.

Visitors are drawn into the narrative, eagerly looking forward to each new episode. The gathering capabilities a memorable soundtrack that enhances the emotional effect of key scenes. The track adds depth to the storytelling and has garnered its personal following. “i feel you linger in the air Youku” is a Chinese language drama series that has been producing buzz on Youku, certainly one of China’s primary streaming structures.

History of Youku

  • According to Internet metrics supplier CR-Nielsen, held the top spot in the Chinese Internet video market as of January 2010 (bearing in mind that YouTube is blocked in China). Youku and Myspace cooperated in China in 2008.
  • Later that year, Youku replaced all other online video providers with Mozilla Firefox’s China Edition. Youku and rival Tudou launched the establishment of a video broadcasting exchange network in January 2010 in order to cross-license professionally made video material.
  • In 2009, Youku reported gross earnings of 200 million RMB. Youku debuted as a stock on the New York Stock Exchange on December 8, 2010. The Chinese website appears to have no connection to
  • One of the most renowned management consulting companies in the world, Bain & Company, originally employed Victor Koo.

The Stellar Solid and Performances

Youku dramas function as talented ensemble casts that deliver characters to existence with their first-rate performances. Whether it’s veteran actors or rising stars, the platform constantly promises top-notch appearances.

Exceptional Acting Talent

A standout characteristic of “I Feel You Linger in the Air” is the pinnacle-notch acting skills on the show. The solid participants deliver powerful performances that breathe life into their characters, making the drama all the extra engaging.

Li Cheng gong’s Portrayal

The portrayal of Li Chenggong is a highlight of the collection. The actor captures the man or woman’s inner turmoil and emotional complexity, earning praise from site visitors and critics alike.

Wen Zhe’s Enigmatic Enchantment

Wen Zhe’s person is introduced to lifestyles with a captivating usual overall performance that keeps visitors intrigued by her character’s secrets techniques and vulnerabilities.

Exciting Story of This Series

At the coronary heart of “I Feel you linger in the Air Youku” is a compelling storyline that weaves together factors of romance, mystery, and circle of relative’s drama. The gathering revolves around the lives of people, Li Chenggong and Wen Zhe, whose paths intersect in sudden ways.

  • The protagonist of I Feel You Linger in the Air is Jom (Nonkul Chanon), a young architect who is forced to take charge of the design and refurbishment of an old Chiang Mai home. Jom, however, begins to experience odd nightmares about himself and an enigmatic figure from his past during this effort.
  • Jom experiences heartache as his romantic partner decides to call it quits. In a panic, he makes a careless driving decision that leads to an accident and a plunge into the Ping River. Jom awakens from the sea to discover himself in 1927, seemingly outside of the normal course of events.
  • He meets Khun Yai (Bright Rapheephong), the middle son of Luang Thepniti, the owner of the Plathip Mansion, whom he is now restoring, there, who is the man he dreamed about. Jom must now adjust to this strange atmosphere and way of life in addition to the difficulties of building a connection with Khun Yai, a person he feels incredibly drawn to despite having never met her before.
  • The love and wants between them cannot be denied, and even though they have never met before, they begin to build a friendship in a period when society doesn’t readily accept same-sex partnerships. Their uncontrollable love and longing are at the center of the narrative.

Final Thoughts

Youku dramas feature gifted ensemble casts that bring characters to life with their notable performances. Whether it is veteran actors or growing stars, the platform consistently gives you pinnacle-notch performance. The drama’s frequent problems of affection, redemption, and human reports resonate with traffic from various backgrounds. The collection’s gripping storytelling, coupled with its nicely-drawn characters, has captured the hearts of audiences.




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