Tips to Keep My AR Glass Safe & Long Lasting

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Imagine they’re like your favorite toy or a cherished pet; you’d want to take good care of them, right? First off, always put them in a protective case when you’re not using them, kind of like how you’d put away your favorite doll or action figure to keep it from getting dusty or lost. Be gentle when you wear or remove them; it’s like when you handle a fragile piece of art, you’d want to be super careful. You can view some AR models and details on them on this page here.

Tips for Keeping your AR Glass Safe & Long Lasting

  1. Treat Them Like a Treasure: First and foremost, always think of your AR glasses like a special treasure. You wouldn’t throw your favorite toy around carelessly, right? Similarly, handle your glasses gently every time you pick them up or set them down.
  2. Protective Case is a Must: Remember how you would keep your school books safe in a backpack? Just like that, always store your AR glasses in a sturdy protective case when you’re not wearing them. It’s like giving them a cozy home where they can rest safely away from dust and accidental knocks.
  3. Avoid Water and Extreme Temperatures: Think of your AR glasses like that ice cream you wouldn’t want to leave out in the sun. Keep them away from water, high heat, or freezing temperatures. So, if you’re thinking of heading to the beach or snow, maybe leave them at home or ensure they’re safely tucked away.
  4. Regular Cleaning: It’s like when you wash your hands before eating; you want to keep things clean. Use a soft microfiber cloth, like the one you’d use for your eyeglasses, to gently wipe away any smudges or dust from the lenses and the frames.
  5. Watch Out for Drops: Accidents happen, but try your best to avoid dropping your glasses. It’s a bit like making sure you don’t drop your favorite vase; a soft landing spot, like a cushioned mat, can be helpful if you’re putting them on a table.
  6. Stay Updated: Just like how you get excited about new episodes of your favorite show, keep an eye out for software updates for your glasses. These updates can make sure your AR glasses run smoothly, giving you the best experience each time you wear them.
  7. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Your AR glasses love to play, but not directly under the harsh sun. Prolonged exposure can harm the delicate electronics inside, so treat them like a pet that prefers to stay in the shade on a hot day.
  8. Use Approved Accessories: If you’re thinking of buying any add-ons or accessories, like chargers or cables, ensure they’re approved for your AR glasses model. It’s like making sure you get the right-sized shoes for your feet.
  9. Educate the Young Ones: If you have kids or younger siblings, teach them how to handle your glasses gently. It’s a bit like teaching them how to care for a new pet – with love and caution.


Every once in a while, take a moment to inspect your glasses for any signs of wear or small damages. It’s like checking your favorite stuffed animal for any stitches coming loose, so you can fix little issues before they become bigger problems.




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